IT Focused Guides

NEW Quick install for OpenCanary on Raspberry Pi – if you want the quick(er) guide, then this one should save you a bit of time.

Installing an OpenCanary on Raspberry Pi – Have you wanted to know who is on your network and what they are doing? then here’s the guide you need to get started.
(P.S. check out the link above for a faster install)

adding more ports to the OpenCanary – expanding on the original post, I have added explanations on how to make the Pi look much more like the Synology NAS.

NEW ESP8266 guide to using – a how to guide to getting started with the ESP8266 WiFi enabled IOT device.

NEW ESP8266 power usage – a few tests and measurements on how much current an ESP-12E/F board actually uses.

Virtualising a Raspberry Pi – want to run a Raspberry Pi on your PC then take a look here.

Setting up an Email for automation – need to have a program send email to you, here’s a guide to help create and set one up. So far only the 1 provider but I will add to this.

Setting up up a Raspberry Pi – this one is fairly self explanatory but can be helpful if you are looking for an all in one OpenCanary

Using a 1920×480 screen on the Pi – using a super wide (or rather super tall) screen with a non standard resolution on a Raspberry Pi.

NEW Making a case for the wide screen – a 3D printable case for the wide screen and it’s Pi.

using a round SPI display on the PC – this guide is the details of how to use the libraries I wrote along with how they were written.

Sharing files between Pi and PC – need to access the same files on PC and Pi, i.e. for easier editing. Then read this one.

Drawing 2D lines – do you want to draw lines but don’t want to (or don’t have) a graphics driver, then have a read of this.

Food and Drink

Winter warmer drink – a general favorite of mine and my friends is this mulled wine recipe.

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