More Colours

After yesterdays post, I had a bit of feedback asking if there would be other vendors colours (not just the Vallejo Game Colour range). The original post with how I got these charts can be found here. As I was able to get the RGB values from a few other ranges, I have now generatedContinue reading “More Colours”

Formatting in WordPress

This page is a test, but might help. I originally was using this page to help me to try out new layout styles and techniques. But it ended up having information which might be useful to others, so it’s published rather than being internal only. I would like to use the various plug-ins and inContinue reading “Formatting in WordPress”

Learning AI part 2

Not sure I learnt much this day, but maybe it’s sinking in…. Ongoing blog of my attempt to self learn AI, or is it just ML. Part 1 can be found here. So back to reading and chapter 2, “Think like a machine”. Well this shouldn’t be too hard as I have been accused ofContinue reading “Learning AI part 2”

Home made Mulled Wine

Makes 6 bottles. A non technical post today, but something that I get asked about this time of year. For a number of year I have been making my own mulled wine and it has become a bit of a tradition, indeed one company I worked at used to ask me to bring some inContinue reading “Home made Mulled Wine”


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