Assorted tasks and catch up

Although at home most of the time, I seem to be slow at adding to this site.

Latest news I have added a design for a 3D printable case for the ultra wide screen which I am now using, this seems to work well for me, so I hope it can be of use to others.

I have also added an expansion page to the popular OpenCanary page which allows you to tailor the OpenCanary to look more like a Synology NAS, this can be found here.

Additionally I have done a bit of updates to the round display, which does now use the Lowlevel Linux SPI driver, and I improved the drawing routines for better Anti-aliasing along with ability to draw filled triangles. No page on this yet, but if there is interest I will add one.

As for the AI blog, that’s on hold as I am not sure the approach is going to produce a readable output, so I will be doing more in the background and when I get somewhere will come up with a more coherent post.

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