Investigations into colour theory and painting

One of my hobbies is miniature painting, it’s something I did a long time ago and found myself getting back into a year or so back. Now I am nowhere near an expert on this, but do like to work on techniques and ideas I see online and on the dreaded Youtube. That’s where IContinue reading “Investigations into colour theory and painting”

Formatting in WordPress

This page is a test, but might help. I originally was using this page to help me to try out new layout styles and techniques. But it ended up having information which might be useful to others, so it’s published rather than being internal only. I would like to use the various plug-ins and inContinue reading “Formatting in WordPress”

ESP8266 – A small WiFi enabled microprocessor

This blog page is a bit of a waffle on how I found out about the ESP8266 and my process for getting it working for me. If you want a technical description on connecting one up and getting code running, then the ESP8266 Getting Started Guide should help. My introduction to ESP8266’s Some time ago,Continue reading “ESP8266 – A small WiFi enabled microprocessor”

What happens when you find a non standard monitor that you want to use?

I recently found a monitor on AliExpress that looked rather interesting as it was listed as an ultra wide 1920×480 screen, on the PC it was good to go, but on the Raspberry Pi it proved to be a bit harder than expected. I had posted a guide here on how I made it work,Continue reading “What happens when you find a non standard monitor that you want to use?”