More Colours

After yesterdays post, I had a bit of feedback asking if there would be other vendors colours (not just the Vallejo Game Colour range).

The original post with how I got these charts can be found here.

As I was able to get the RGB values from a few other ranges, I have now generated the 5000×5000 charts for a number of other ranges and these images can be found below:

Citadel 5000×5000 colour chart

Army Painter 5000×5000 colour chart

P3 5000×5000 colour chart

Vallejo Game Colour 5000×5000 colour chart

Vallejo Model Colour 5000×5000 colour chart

Finally I added a combined chart with all the different brands combined. For clarity I added a prefix to the names: AP = Army Painter, VMC = Vallejo Model Colour, VGC = Vallejo Game Colour, P3 = P3, and C = Citadel.

Combined chart can be found here.

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